Table 1. Content of the Participatory Theater “Mini Workshop” for Elementary School Students.

From: Thinking and Acting with School Children in Fukushima: Implementation of a Participatory Theater Approach and Analysis of the Experiences of Teachers

· Open space (gym), large sheets of papers (one per group), and marker pens (different colors)
· Two facilitators
1. Introduction (10 mins)
· Stand in a circle
· Practice greeting in English (words and handshake)
· Explain the aims of the session: to share ideas about where we live through discussion and action
2. Warm-up (20 mins)
· Active exercises: Singing “London’s Burning” (sing with actions) and “Stop Go Jump Clap” (perform the actions according to prompts)
· Concentration exercises: “Mirrors” (mirror the actions of the other in pairs)
3. Main activity 1: Thinking about where we live (15 mins)
· Students discuss and write in groups what they like about their local community (2017) and what they would like to change about it (2018).
· Each group presents their favorite ideas and their thought behind it.
Break (10 mins)
4. Main activity 2: Showing where we live (25 mins)
· Groups create short drama scenes based on their favorite idea (approximately 30 seconds long) using actions and sounds and conveying their opinions and attitudes.
· Groups show their scenes to one another and give feedback on what they saw.
5. Review and closing (10 mins)
· Sit back in a circle
· Invite students to ask any questions they want to ask
· Sing “London’s Burning” again